Integrated lighting and displays for consumer, commercial and industrial products

Integrated Lighting and Displays

Understanding how touch technologies work is just one aspect of a successful UI console. Understanding integrated lighting and displays within a touch UI console is another distinguishing benefit of working with TouchSensor.

Whether it’s a 7-segment display, LCD, optical bonding, single point lighting, ring lighting, text lighting, dead-fronting, or mood/task lighting, TouchSensor has a sophisticated display/lighting supply chain combined with internal optics engineering to provide Touch and Lighting in one thin, robust package.

Integrated ring lighting for better customer experience

Integrated Ring Lighting

Optically Bonded LCD's Touchscreens
Single Point LED Status Indication
Icon/Ring Lighting Status Indication/Guide Bar
Integrated Text Lighting Guide User/Dead-Fronting
Integrated Area Lighting Task/Mood Lighting
Ultra-Thin 7-Segment Display (<1mm) Low Profile or curved applications