High Performance Capacitive Touch Technology

HighPerTouch® capacitive touch technology is a new innovative solution to common issues related to capacitive touch such as glove performance, water interference, and thick inconsistent substrates. HighPerTouch® technology works with conventional capacitive touch architectures by simply replacing some libraries on the touch microcontroller chip with the HighPerTouch® code. This small change means many of the traditional limitations of capacitive touch are eliminated. Using HighPerTouch® also allows for an air gap between the printed circuit board and touch surface panel, opening up new mechanical and industrial design possibilities such as enabling the electronics to be serviceable separate from the expensive decorated substrate. 

Key Advantages of HighPerTouch®

  • Greater signal-to-noise ratio
  • Improved glove performance
  • Thicker substrates
  • Works with inconsistent and curved substrates
  • Allows for air gap between printed circuit board and substrate
  • Improved water immunity

Key Features

  • Software Algorithm can be flashed onto most off-the-shelf touch microcontrollers from Atmel, Cypress, and Microchip, and others.
  • Works with both mutual and self-capacitance

How it Works

HighPerTouch® works with conventional capacitive touch architectures, but processes and interprets the input signals in a new way resulting in a significantly greater signal-to-noise ratio, and allows us to distinguish the signal profile of an intended finger touch from unintended noise with much higher accuracy and reliability than can be achieved with conventional capacitive touch technology.

General Performance Comparison