TouchSensor™ Technologies’ Employee Receives Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Wheaton, IL, February 26, 2015 – TouchSensor Technologies announces the certification of another employee as a Six Sigma Black Belt. Ms. Lorena Rodriguez from TouchSensor’s Monterrey (Mexico) Plant 1 received her Six Sigma Black Belt certification during an award ceremony on January 28th, 2015 following her “Final Project” presentation ceremony at Whirlpool’s Technical Center in Monterrey, Mexico. The certification was presented by Ms. Rodriguez’s Master Black Belt instructors, as well as by the Whirlpool and TouchSensor Technologies leadership in attendance.

Since starting OpEx training in May 2012, Ms. Rodriguez has demonstrated her ability to continuously improve through the application of Six Sigma concepts and tools on projects and in her work at TouchSensor.  Through her use of OpEx/Six sigma in her role as a quality engineer, Ms. Rodriguez has helped to understand and resolve issues on Whirlpool programs over the past 3 years.  The Six Sigma/Opex program offered by Whirlpool is 4 weeks of intense training that requires a large commitment on the part of the candidate.

Ms. Rodriguez has worked for Methode Electronics since January 2005 and has spent most of her time working as Quality Engineer at TouchSensor’s Monterrey location. TouchSensor Technologies currently employs 10 Green Belts and 5 Black Belts in its continuing commitment to Six Sigma Quality.