TouchSensor announces the launch of LevelGuard™ Home Sump Pump Control product line

WHEATON, Ill., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- TouchSensor™ Technologies announced the introduction of the LevelGuard™ Home Sump Pump Control, which introduces solid-state Field-Effect sensing technology to the pump and plumbing industries. LevelGuard Home Sump Controls use Field-Effect technology to detect the presence of water in residential sump pits without making direct contact with the fluid. The LevelGuard Home Sump Control is used to "turn-on" and "turn-off" a residential sump pump with more reliable performance than the mechanical float switches they are designed to replace.

"Sump pumps are in use more often than you might think. More than 10% of all basements in the U.S. report some form of water leakage through the foundation. The proper operation of sump pump systems for homeowners is imperative," states Dave Dzioba, TouchSensor's Director of Standard Products. "Plumbers and basement waterproofing professionals report that conventional float switches are the weakest link in those systems. With no moving parts to wear or fail, the LevelGuard™ Home Sump Pump Control switch becomes the most reliable element in the system."

Field-Effect's low-power electric field has the unique ability to detect conductive fluids (for example, water) and semi-solid materials without having direct contact. When water enters the LevelGuard field, the sensor detects its presence, determines its state, and activates the pump if needed. TouchSensor's™ LevelGuard™ brand products utilizing Field-Effect sensing technology are well-suited for sump, lift station, underground vault, wet well and storm water fluid level management applications.

Since their introduction in 1997, Field-Effect sensing technology has been successfully used in a wide variety of consumer applications with nearly 200 million sensors sold. In fluid detection applications, they have become the de facto standard in marine and recreational vehicle applications where fluid sensing, control, and monitoring are a critical need. Field-Effect sensors in sump pump applications have been tested to 1.5 million cycles without failure, and to over 165 million cycles in user interface applications before ending test. Field-Effect has earned the recognition as a proven, reliable, solid-state switching technology.

The MSRP of the LevelGuard Home Sump Control is $115. Both LevelGuard Home Sump Pump Controls and its patented Field-Effect sensing technology are Underwriters Laboratories listed. The switch has a warranty of five (5) years against manufacturer's defects. Please visit to learn more.