LevelGuard® Fluid Control Products Announces New Sump Pump Switch Products

Wheaton, IL, May 15, 2012 – TouchSensor® Technologies, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI), a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions, announced the introduction of a new and improved LevelGuard® Electronic Sump Pump Switch model with three SKUs. The products target plumbing contractors and homeowners who need to eliminate sump pump switch failure.

The new model offers technological improvements, including a second upper-level sensor for high water “fail-safe” fluid detection, a welded plastic back cover and cord grommet seal which act as redundant sealing mechanisms for the solid-state electronics that detect fluids and switch power to the sump pump, added software intelligence to protect homeowners from external failure modes like contamination build-up and pump run-on, and 30 amp over-current electrical fuse protection for added safety. Three LevelGuard SKUs are now available with 9 foot and 15 foot cords that use piggy-back plugs, as well as a 30 foot pigtail cord (no piggy-back plug).

“With almost two years of feedback from the plumbing trade, LevelGuard has taken the input of wholesalers and contractors to enhance our product development efforts,” stated Brian Beaman, national account manager for LevelGuard fluid control products. “The performance and reliability of the LevelGuard electronic sump pump switch clearly exceeds the requirements of trade professionals.”

The LevelGuard sump pump switch utilizes TouchSensor’s patented Field-Effect sensing technology to detect water at two upper level and one lower level switch points. Packaged in a fully encapsulated housing and easily mounted to the sump pit’s ejector pipe, LevelGuard employs the same solid-state switching technology used for over a decade in automotive, appliance, commercial and industrial applications.

“The failure issues of conventional float switches have a financial impact on homeowners, trade professionals, and their insurers,” said Dave Dzioba, TouchSensor’s director of standard products. “LevelGuard Electronic Sump Pump Switches provide homeowners, commercial property managers and their contractors with the best solution to extend the life of their pump systems.”

Both LevelGuard and its patented Field-Effect sensing technology are Underwriters Laboratories listed. The switch has a warranty of five (5) years against manufacturer’s defects.