Digital User Interface Printing by TouchSensor Technologies

Digital UI Printing

Digitally Printed Decoration of UI Panels

Flat glass or plastic fascia are traditionally decorated using screen printing or laminated graphic labels which both have inherent limitations. Screen printing has limited color options, dull colors, low graphics resolution, high tooling costs, and screen-related quality issues. Labels can be expensive and have durability issues. 

TouchSensor's digital printing is an attractive option with great design flexibility, high resolution graphics, more color and gradient options, customization options, cost savings, and superior quality performance.

TouchSensor has pioneered the development of this digital process and now has a vertically integrated solution for printing directly onto flat glass and plastic using large format flat bed printers and UV curable ink.

Key Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Superior high resolution graphics
  • Vivid colors available across the color spectrum – 6 color CMYKLcLm + White
  • Graphic design flexibility - Gradients, shading, blends, tinting
  • Edge-to-edge printing capabilities
  • Lower piece part and tooling cost
  • Fast turnaround

Key Features

  • UV curable inks
  • High resolution 720x1200 DPI printing 
  • High color gamut - Up to 2.7 million individual colors possible
  • Industrial size printing up to 2m x 3m and up to 5cm thick
  • Print text down to .25mm thickness positive and negative
  • Print line weights down to .25mm positive or negative


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