Integrated lighting and displays for consumer, commercial and industrial products

Our Story

TouchSensor has been at the forefront of the touch revolution ever since it launched its first application in 1997. As a true pioneer in the world of touch technology, TouchSensor saw the opportunity early in its existence to work closely with OEMs to create stunning and reliable touch-sensitive user interfaces for the commercial and industrial markets. Later, using the same patented Field-Effect technology used in millions of user interface panels, TouchSensor added fluid level sensing to its product portfolio.

With its acquisition by Methode Electronics (NYSE: MEI) in 2007, TouchSensor was exposed to Methode’s global manufacturing and sourcing expertise while also providing Methode with touch technology it could leverage in other markets. Today, with design engineering centered in the Chicago-area and a world-class LEAN manufacturing facility located at Methode’s Monterrey, Mexico campus, TouchSensor is able to serve its global customers.

As its name suggests, TouchSensor understands the touch technologies that have become so prevalent in our world today. However, it takes more than just understanding touch technology to create unique and robust user interface panels. In fact, the real challenge comes when integrating touch technology with lighting & displays and then assembling the electronics package to a decorative fascia panel. This complex world of touch user interface integration is where TouchSensor thrives.