TouchSensor™ Adds Jay Orellana to LevelGuard® Business Development Team

Wheaton, IL, January 19, 2015 –TouchSensor Technologies announced today the promotion of Mr. Jay Orellana to Business Development Manager – LevelGuard®.

TouchSensor’s General Manager Gregg Schreiber stated, "As an electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience in the electronics industry, Jay understands the field-effect sensing technology used in our LevelGuard® products. Additionally, his deep involvement with the development of LevelGuard® enables Jay to accurately assess customer requirements and applications. He is a skilled communicator who works passionately with his customers.”

Mr. Orellana joined TouchSensor in 1999 serving as New Product Launch Manager as well as in other business development roles. Prior to joining TouchSensor, he served as Senior Product Engineer for Underwriter Laboratories for 10 years. Mr. Orellana earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The LevelGuard® product portfolio offers solid state sump and sewage pump switches with several technological improvements, including:

  • A second upper-level sensor for high water “fail-safe” fluid detection;
  • A vibration welded plastic back cover and cord grommet seal, which act as redundant sealing mechanisms for the solid-state electronics that detect fluids and switch power to the sump pump;
  • Added software intelligence to protect homeowners from external failure modes, such as contamination build-up and pump run-on; and
  • 30 amp over-current electrical fuse protection for added safety.

Four LevelGuard® SKUs are available, including a sewage model with 9-foot and 15-foot cords that use piggy-back plugs, as well as a 30-foot pigtail cord. The LevelGuard® sump pump switch utilizes TouchSensor’s patented field-effect sensing technology to detect water at two upper level and one lower level switch points. Both LevelGuard® and its patented field-effect sensing technology are Underwriters Laboratories listed. All LevelGuard® products carry a warranty of five years against manufacturer’s defects. Please visit to learn more.

About TouchSensor Technologies, LLC: TouchSensor™ Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Methode Electronics (NYSE: MEI), is a market leader in touch-sensitive user interface and fluid level detection products. TouchSensor designs, integrates and manufactures sensor and switch consoles for human-machine interface controls in consumer and industrial products using its patented Field-Effect sensing technology.

TouchSensor’s portfolio of proprietary technology and broad experience developing superior customer experience for OEMs distinguishes us from “build-to-print” contract manufacturers. For world-class product design and manufacturing, consider TouchSensor your product launch engineSM.