TouchSensor Technologies Introduces Touch-Sensitive User Interface Products

Wheaton, IL, October 31, 2011 -- IntuiTek™ Modular Interface Components from TouchSensor™ Technologies introduce solid-state Field-Effect sensing technology in a family of electronic switch products that offer design and manufacturing professionals a choice of touch sensing devices for placement behind plastic or glass substrate panels.

Modular Interface Components are the world’s first peel-and-stick, software-free touch input devices. Programming and tooling costs are eliminated for designers and manufacturers who need to reduce development costs and to accelerate development cycles for products featuring finger touch switch controls. IntuiTek Modular Interface Components utilize the same Field-Effect sensing technology used by automotive and white goods manufacturers and are now available to everyone involved in the design and fabrication process – including start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Touch input has been rapidly adopted by consumers as a natural user interface where point and touch gestures are used to interface with premium products. IntuiTek Modular Interface Components offer designers and manufacturers the ability to quickly and efficiently provide their customers products with the touch interfaces that they prefer.

Each low-voltage solid-state array incorporates TouchSensor's patented Field-Effect sensing technology that offers unmatched reliability. The peel and stick modular arrays are UL Recognized Components and are available in 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 and 1x4 array configurations that are calibrated to work through either 2 mm thick plastic or 4 mm thick glass decorative input panels. LED lighting options include a green or amber single-point indicator light or white ring lighting for user feedback. All input arrays include an interconnect and/or solder pad systems for design and manufacturing flexibility.

Field-Effect technology creates a low-power electric field that has the unique ability to sense human touch through non-conductive substrate materials such as plastic or glass. When the sensor detects a finger on the other side of the substrate panel, it outputs a signal indicating the location that has been touched. Please visit to learn more and buy online.

Since its introduction in 1997, Field-Effect sensing technology has been successfully used in a wide variety of consumer applications with over 200 million units sold. Field-Effect sensors have been tested to over 160 million cycles in user interface applications before ending test. Field-Effect has earned the recognition as a proven and reliable solid-state switching technology.

About IntuiTek
For manufacturers and entrepreneurs that need finger touch, IntuiTek Modular Interface Components deliver your customers the touch interfaces that they prefer. TouchSensor provides reliable and cost-effective switching solutions as demonstrated by over a decade of market leadership in solid-state sensing technology. Please visit to learn more.

About TouchSensor Technologies, LLC
TouchSensor Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Methode Electronics (NYSE: MEI), is a market leader in solid-state User-Interface and Fluid Sensing products. Since its inception in 1997, TouchSensor products have been successfully used by many of the world’s best brands in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications with nearly 200 million Field-Effect sensors sold.

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Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI) is a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions with manufacturing, design and testing facilities in China, Germany, India, Malta, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Further information can be found at Methode's website at